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Media and communications analysis trusted by Australia’s largest organisations

From tracking campaign performance to knowing trends before your competitors do, Mediaverse delivers media intelligence powered by humans, not algorithms.




We provide tailored and transparent media evaluation to give you high quality information with a purpose.

Quality Assurance

Our award-winning media analysis is among the most detailed and thorough in the world. We incorporate principles supported by the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC).

Full Transparency

We’re proud of the accuracy of our human-led analysis, and our interactive online portal, MyAnalysis, allows you to see how we’ve evaluated every media item. It also allows you to dig deeper and better understand your coverage and issues.

Custom Framework

Every communications team has different objectives that change over time, so we establish a flexible, customised framework to change with your goals, extracting the right intelligence and driving your media performance.


Mediaverse is invested in your media measurement framework. Our dedicated account management teams are proactive and respond quickly to all requests. Through our deep understanding of your media coverage we provide real human insight.

Keeping It Simple

While we come equipped with innovative metrics and award-winning methodologies, we make sure to deliver jargon-free reports that are easy to understand.

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Our Sponsorship Campaign Evaluation services provide you with the ability to track the messaging cut-through and return on investment of your campaign across traditional and social media channels.

Benchmarking metrics

Our rigorous Sponsorship Score system allows you to benchmark brand visibility across campaigns, tracking your media impact to help inform future strategies.

Customisable and bespoke framework

Built to whatever format, structure or timeframe you need, our custom analysis frameworks and reports can be designed to highlight the key takeaways of your campaign, providing the most relevant insights for your team.

Not just media clippings

We work with your data sets – anything from media clips, social media engagement or industry research. Our Sponsorship Campaign Evaluation reports provide a much-needed “single view” within a consistent and proven format.

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Mediaverse’s Strategic Messaging Report provides a clear picture of your organisation’s communication strategy and reputation at each stage of the media cycle, from media release to news article to the audience’s response.

Effective communication

Mediaverse works with your media team to understand your objectives and measures of success. We ensure our reports are tailored to your needs and provide clarity around where your communication efforts are most effective and where there are opportunities to increase your impact.

Beginning to end evaluation

We develop a customised evaluation framework to measure traditional and social media impact from “beginning to end”. This approach integrates multiple media cycle touchpoints as well as direct audience feedback on messaging efforts.


Our Strategic Messaging Report gives you actionable insights into how exposure to media coverage about your organisation affects the audience’s opinion. We provide clear, jargon-free reports that can be used to guide future media and engagement strategy.

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Mediaverse social media tracking gives detailed insight into the social media discussion around your organisation.

Search String Experts

Our search string experts will work with you to establish social media listening that captures relevant, publicly available social media content on your organisation, key topics, or competitors.

In-depth Analysis

Manual, in-depth analysis of social media content by Mediaverse analysts ensures you receive accurate insight on sentiment, themes, key message delivery and influential accounts.

Issue Alerts

With Issue Alerts you’ll have a dedicated account manager at Mediaverse who’s responsible for continually monitoring the social media and online conversation. They’ll ensure you’re notified about any key issues or events as they arise in real time, allowing you to respond quickly and protect your reputation.

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AMEC Awards
Industry recognised awards


Media and Communication Analysis for Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial Services

Identify media themes and sentiment surrounding Corporate Issues, ESG, Financial Performance and Economic Insights.

Media and Communication Analysis for Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

Get detailed insights on media coverage for companies involved in the generation, distribution and supply of electricity, gas/power and utilities.

Media and Communication Analysis for Healthcare



In the current COVID-19 climate, there has never been a more crucial time to track the cut-through of your healthcare organisation’s announcements and campaigns.

Media and Communication Analysis for Insurance



Customised insights on the topics that matter to leaders in the global insurance industry.

Media and Communication Analysis for Entertainment and Media

Entertainment and Media

Entertainment and Media

Get actionable feedback on the constantly evolving entertainment and media industry, including your organisation’s share of voice, sentiment, and campaign effectiveness.

Media and Communication Analysis for Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate

The real estate industry is highly competitive. Measure your brand’s reputation and cut-through across traditional and social media.

Media and Communication Analysis for Legal Services



Stay up to date with trends across the legal services sector, including corporate, property and taxation law, and understand how your firm is being represented.

Media and Communication Analysis for Telecommunications



Measure the impact of your communication strategy and receive customised insights on issues including customer experience, service delivery, regulation, and industry news.

Media and Communication Analysis for Education



Keep tabs on the media coverage of your organisation or faculty. Identify key focus areas and spokesperson prominence.

Media and Communication Analysis for Recreation and Tourism

Recreation and Tourism

Recreation and Tourism

How has the pandemic impacted your organisation’s public profile? Access insights that will help you make more informed decisions about your media campaigns and execution.

Media and Communication Analysis for Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage sector is Australia's largest manufacturing industry. Receive actionable media insights to help your organisation find and leverage new business opportunities.

Media and Communication Analysis for Construction



Identify media themes and brand sentiment across a range of sectors, including residential and non-residential construction, land development and civil engineering.

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